Experienced Production Assemblers

Region: Ann Arbor
Position Type: Skilled Industrial
Rate: $14.00 - $14.75 per hour based on shift


Light manufacturing and general assembly of truck bed (Tonneau) covers.  Work in a team environment and follow specific work instructions regarding the use of hands and applicable tools for the purse of general assembly including, but not limited to: assembling frames, applying weather  stripping, attaching vinyl tarps to frames and/or gluing foam inserts to aluminum sheets to create panels, in order to produce quality Tonneau covers, while maintaining production rates and safety standards.


TO be considered candidates must meet the following criteria;

  • Excellent Attendance
    • No Tardiness:  Ability to arrive early, and be at work station by start time of the shift.
    • No Absenteeism:  Ability to consistently report to work every, as scheduled
    • Consistent and reliable transportation,  in order to meet the above standards
    • Dexterity and Hand/Eye Coordination for assembly
      • Ability to pass dexterity test
      • Ability to pass assembly test
        • Assemble plastic hinges into aluminum frame
        • Apply basic weather stripping
        • Ability and aptitude to keep up with a fast pace for production (Sense of Urgency)
        • Prior manufacturing experience
          • Six months to One year preferred
          • Mechanical aptitude
            • Ability to pass a ruler test
            • Ability to identify, and use, tools of the trade
              • Tape measure
              • Screwdriver (Phillips vs. Flathead)
              • Screw Gun
              • Air Driver
              • Misc.  (Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Etc.)


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